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Warranty, Terms, & Product Specifications

Warranty, Terms, & Product Specifications

At Diversified Specialties, we take pride in our products and the quality we can assure you with. Our products and parts are manufactured with the highest quality and care to provide you with the best results for your equipment.

Diversified Specialties - Warranty


Products produced by Diversified Specialties are warranted to be free of defects in workmanship and material. Liability on any defective parts is limited to return of defective goods with refund of the purchase price, or repair and replacement of any non-conforming parts as determined by Diversified Specialities. Diversified Specialties is not liable or responsible for any indirect or consequential damages.

Diversified Specialties - Terms


Diversified Specialties, Inc.’s terms of payment are net 30 days. All freight is F.O.B. Belmont, North Carolina

Diversified Specialties - Product Specifications

Product Specifications


Diversified Specialties reserves the right to change any dimension in our stock products as listed in this catalog without notice to customers. Dimensions listed are for customer reference only. Weights shown in the catalog are approximate, and included only for estimating weights of shipments by the customer.


Quantity orders of over 100 parts on a special “made to order” item are subject to variables in the manufacturing process that make it difficult to complete orders to an exact specified quantity. Diversified Specialties reserves the right to consider an order complete at 5% (over or under) the ordered quantity. Parts will be billed for the actual quantity shipped.


Method of shipping products will be by “bestway” unless specified by customer’s order. All efforts will be made to accommodate customers’ shipping instructions. Drop shipments to third parties will be done at customer’s request.


Non-standard items produced to customer inquiries and subsequent quotations are subject to industry standards unless pre-approved at the time of quotation.

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