Our Start

Diversified Specialties, Inc.

Diversified Specialties, Inc.

From a simple beginning in the basement of a 6,000-sq ft building to our present location with 42,000- sq ft of manufacturing and warehouse space.

Our Start

In 1974, while working as a distributor for Uniroyal Distribution Company, William “Bill” Phifer attended a sales meeting in South Carolina to discuss a new product HTD® for the synchronous belting line.

During the sales meeting in 1974, Uniroyal’s distributors were running into issues getting proper ratios for specific parts needed for their belt drives. That very moment, it dawned on Bill that with the help of his engineering background, knowledge of belt drives, and proper machinery, he had exactly what it took to manufacture those equipment parts himself. Soon after the sales meeting, Bill started Diversified Specialties Inc.

In 1992, Diversified Specialties, Inc. moved into its current building located at 10 Airline Street, Belmont, North Carolina 28012.

In 2012, Bill’s nephew, Doug Phifer purchased the company and has been expanding ever since, while keeping Bill’s vision for the company intact.

We proudly produce synchronous belt drive sprockets, V sheaves, Poly-V sheaves, roller chain sprockets, spur gears, shafting, and custom machining. Our primary focus is on custom-made products that have unique components such as close tolerances, mixed materials, configurations, plating, and any other requirements that industries demand.

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We Can Build Quality Parts For Your Machinery

Trusted by Some of the Biggest Manufacturing Industries

  • Packaging Machinery Manufacturers
  • Automotive Manufacturing Machinery
  • Recreational Boats & Vehicles
  • Machine Tools
  • Conveyors
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Generators
  • Food Processing
  • HVAC
  • Air Compressors

Our sole mission is to produce high-quality custom parts at a reasonable price

Whether you need one piece or 1,000 pieces, we are here to help you.

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